With its motto “Future is a Project Designed Today”, Anka Project provides project consultancy and training services in order to improve institutional and operational capacities of the schools, local administrations, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and businesses it worked with and to support their new investments.

Our company has improved the quality of its services by means of the knowledge and experience it gained with every activity it organized and every project it implemented as from the first day of its operation and it continues to raise its service quality through innovative implementations activated within the scope of its sustainable growth approach. Taking its power from the professional consultants it employed, our company is able to make project and training organizations in a total of 10 member countries of the European Union thanks to the team work and coordination environment created in the company.

Anka Project, by working with Turkish and European experts through the national and international network it established, provides the institutions it serves as a solution partner with the opportunity to benefit from such fund resources as the European Union, World Bank and National Agency.

Our Mission

Creating accurate solutions required by our job partners to enhance their institutional and operational capacities and providing consultancy for their new investments which will support their growth with a sustainable approach.

Our Vision

Being a respectable, reliable and leading organization in its field while creating genuine and innovative projects at European standards in line with the needs of institutions we serve as a solution partner.

Anka Proje

We take our power from our professional and dynamic team.

We work for your satisfaction and we love this job. Our staff consists of people committed to research and development who completed their undergraduate studies in such fields as statistics, industrial engineering, sociology, philosophy and international relations and continue their graduate studies.