Training and Internship Opportunities

We provide you with training and internship opportunities in education institutions and private companies we cooperated in Bucharest, Romania. Applied training or internship programs prepared according to the project content are provided as a package program covering such services as catering, local transfer, accommodation, cultural and technical tours shaped according to demands of the participant institution, and it is also possible to add or remove items from our service packages.

Accommodation Opportunities

Our accommodation place included in our package price is Hotel Lina ( in Bucharest, Romania and it provides 24-hour Internet and hot water as well as catering services in its cafeteria during your stay for your mobility.

Local Transportation and Airport Transfers

Transportation, cultural and technical tours to internship and training institutions will be provided by our firm with a local transportation pass-card. Airport transfers for arrival and departure will be provided by our firm.


In our catering service consisting of 3 meals daily, the breakfast and dinner will be served in the hotel where our participants stay, and since they will not be at the hotel at noon, lunches will consist of a lunch package (sandwich, fruit juice, fruits) that our participants can take with them to the internship place. Our catering service is shaped according to the demands of our participants, and it is possible to make changes in the meal list made in a weekly basis. Our meals are prepared by considering religious beliefs of our participants and are open to change based on their demands.

Cultural and Technical Tours

Within the scope of our tour program shaped according to the project content and your demands, Bucharest museum and city tours are provided free of charge ad Transylvania, Braşov, Sinaia tours are provided for a small fee upon the request of the group.

Training and Internship Fields

  • Child Development
  • Patient and Elder care
  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Coiffeur and Hair Design
  • Professional Make-up
  • Massage and Spa Services
  • Welding
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
  • Information Technologies
  • Web Design
  • Catering services
  • Automotive
  • Electricity-Electronics
  • Textile